Выбор редакции Adorable! And inaccurate! The «millions» ballpark came from an

Adorable! And inaccurate! The «millions» ballpark came from an

The Hobbit Got A Kid Suspended

Holy canadian goose jacket shit, that’s a thing? Huffington Post, CBS, Salon, ABC, and Canada Goose sale Fox claim that anti vaxxer parents are sending their children to chickenpox style play dates with kids who have measles, because apparently buy canada goose jacket dying when Canada Goose Parka you’re a kid is way less dangerous than dying in adulthood. So what do these dopes have to say for themselves? Nothing, because they don’t exist. There isn’t a single known case of this actually happening.The entire story came from one woman telling a radio host that another parent asked her in passing if she wanted to give her kids the measles. From that single offer (which the mother turned down) we got «PARENTS EVERYWHERE ARE HOLDING Canada Goose Jackets MEASLES PARTIES!» screamed at us canada goose clearance sale with the buy canada goose jacket cheap excited fury of a media hell bent on fueling canada goose coats on sale shame toward anti vaxxers while simultaneously introducing them to a brand new stupid thing they can start doing. Thanks!The only thing that would make that headline more aggressively baiting is if she smuggled in illegal canada goose coats gay immigrants at the time of the procedure. Huffington Post, Daily Caller, Inquisitr https://www.pick-canadagoose.com , Elite Daily, and Metro all reported this incredibly inciting story about a devoted man hater who got pregnant (somehow), was shocked to find out her baby would be the wrong gender, and gleefully pulled the plug. The source? A rinky blog that was created the same day the story was posted, contained numerous nonsensical details (a dangerous late term abortion went off «without a hitch»?), and required sharing the article on social media before you could read it. Sounds legit!Shockingly, when the BBC decided to contact the administrator of the website, he refused to give his last name and told them the woman was in India with no cellphone reception. Yeah, that’s the ticket. When they finally tracked her down, their call was cut off the moment they asked a question. Presumably, she was too busy making a soup from the testicles of good men to talk.At the other end of the spectrum, we have the backwards folks of Southeast Asia, who have so little idea of how their phones work that millions of them apparently think Facebook is some sort of magical entity just floating in the air, according to Quartz, Smithsonian Magazine, and Elite Daily:This does explain all the drunken photos.Adorable! And inaccurate! The «millions» ballpark came from an anecdotal report Canada Goose Outlet from a think tank employee who noticed that slightly more Indonesians claim to use Facebook than the Internet, an interesting result that raises a legitimate question about how people think about and use the Internet. Quartz took that and conducted their own (1,000 person, confusingly worded) poll to confirm it, resulting in the misleading headlines you see above. Now, there most likely are Facebook users out there who think it exists outside the Internet, but we’re guessing most of them are under 7 and using it exclusively to play Candy Witch Farmers Alliance or whatever.Parents Complaining About Their Kids’ Canada Goose online Suspensions Are Terrible SourcesBeing a teacher means dealing with hordes of loud mouthed emotion balls who are impervious to logic also known as «parents.» On the other hand, it’s them we have to thank for wonderful headlines like these:Inviting the other kids canada goose store to see all 200 hours of The Hobbit could also be considered a terroristic threat.Wow. Schools these days, canada goose right? And you know it must be true, because it was reported by everyone MSN, CBS, Huff Post, Washington Post, UPI, CNET, Daily Caller, and Fox. None of which are technically incorrect in their reporting, but what they did do was take one father’s complaint against his kid’s school and turn it into a newsworthy tale, because that could never backfire, right?Oh, hey, and if you’re wondering: The family later came forward to admit that the kid wasn’t suspended for «using magic» but rather for telling his classmate that he was going to put «rings around his neck and hoped he died.»»YOU SHALL NOT PASS (fourth grade).»This shit happens every time a school is publicly shamed for being «overly PC» or suspending a kid for some seemingly innocent action. Case in point:»I meant the Communist Bible, Karl Marx’s collected works.»Outrageous! Never mind that the school has no record of this happening it’s already in print and on CBS, Fox, and Yahoo and is therefore true. The news continually falls for these stories despite every one of them originating canada goose clearance from the guilty kid’s clearly unbiased parents shouting about how their little angel has been wronged. Meanwhile, schools aren’t legally allowed to publicly call cheap Canada Goose out children as being the little liar mouthed cockroaches we all know and love them to be, and are stuck having to canada goose black friday sale suck a big PR dick instead.Using Emojis Doesn’t Improve Your Sex LifeMost people know emojis canada goose deals as those stupid cute little visual blurbs that young people dig and your mother might awkwardly text to you once a day. Well, according to a study reported by Medical Daily, Complex, USA Today, Independent, and Mashable canada goose outlet , it turns out that your sweet mother is a fully blown, Grade A sex beast:With. with adults? Please confirm.

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