Выбор редакции This is where the augmented reality part of The Walking Dead:

This is where the augmented reality part of The Walking Dead:

While Our World can be played by oneself, it has a strong and unique emphasis on partnering with famous characters from the show and squadding up with strangers to take on the full force of a zombie infested wasteland.The premise of the game is simple, but the execution is not. On its face, The Walking Dead: Our hermes birkin 35 replica World is an Ingress/Pokmon Go style game where a real world map of a player’s surroundings is transformed into a post apocalyptic landscape riddled with supply crates, walker encounters, and player built shelters that serve as drop off points for survivors.Unlike Pokmon Go, the game can easily be played staying in one place, as the draw distance for zombie hermes blanket replica encounters is relatively large, but the experience is hermes replica belt heightened when one walks around the neighborhood replica hermes birkin 35 and discovers undead infestations on the go.The game’s combat is a simple first person shooting experience, with selectable (and discoverable) guns and the highly recommended option of pairing off with (also discoverable) characters from The Walking Dead. This is where the augmented reality part of The Walking Dead: Our World comes in, and while it’s an interesting add from a technological standpoint.

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