Выбор редакции » Jepsen’s songs feature glitzy synth production reminiscent of

» Jepsen’s songs feature glitzy synth production reminiscent of

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high quality hermes belt replica hermes birkin replica While the pop sensation may be best known for her 2012 summer anthem ‘Call Me Maybe,’ the singer has since put out one of the most critically adored pop albums of the last five years, 2015’s EMOTION. NPR Music’s Lars Gotrich wrote that according to her fans, she is the «queen of everything,» and capable of creating a «thunderous pop song.» Jepsen’s songs feature glitzy synth production reminiscent of ’80s pop icons such as Madonna and Prince, which serve as a perfect backdrop for her beautiful vocal melodies and pristine voice. Mitski is raw emotion personified on tracks like «Your Best American Girl,» and «Geyser,» a song off her new album, Be The Cowboy. high quality hermes birkin replica

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