Выбор редакции It might just be the hippest hotel in New York City

It might just be the hippest hotel in New York City

They really go better with things like roasted cherry tomatoes, or any kind of tomato, for that matter, mild sauces, curries, rice and other grainsthey really can stand on their own. One of my favorite poached egg dishes is, which is just eggs poached in spicy tomatoes with onions and peppers. Scrumptious..

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canada goose outlet new york city As you walk, jog, or run along, you can enjoy views of the river and you may even spot a celeb; this summer, Beyonce showed off her baby bump at cheap Canada Goose the park and a couple of months ago, Orlando Bloom and Canada Goose Jackets Outlet Miranda Kerr brought son Flynn on a walk there. It’s no surprise that the High Line is a celeb hotspot, as many celebs including Kevin Bacon, Edward Norton, Amanda Peet, Glenn Close, Hilary Clinton, and Martha Stewart made significant donations towards the renewal project.Where to Stay: The Standard New York, New YorkHovering above the High Line on concrete pillars, this one of a kind Meatpacking District hotel offers 337 light flooded, ultra mod rooms with panoramic views of the city; one restaurant, several popular bars; and excellent service. It might just be the hippest hotel in New York City. canada goose outlet new york city

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