Выбор редакции He began drinking heavily, to manage the stress, and started

He began drinking heavily, to manage the stress, and started

Former UTEP coach Jason Rabedeaux’s death remains a mystery

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canada goose black friday sale NFL home RABEDEAUX DIED without shoes in the back seat of a Saigon taxicab, somewhere between his apartment tower on the bleak outskirts of the city and a hospital with a name he couldn’t pronounce. He wore a red T shirt. Blood loss had left him white and cold. Nobody expected this a suspicious gash on his arm and a cut on his head but people had been expecting something. For the past two weeks, he’d been acting strange. In the hours before he died, in the locker room dressing for what would be his final game, he’d struggled to get his belt through the loops of his pants such a long fall for a man once considered among the hottest young college basketball coaches in the States, a man with charisma and drive yet broken in ways he could Canada Goose Jackets never win enough to fix. When the last game ended, tears welled in buy canada goose jacket his eyes as he called it one of the biggest victories of his career canada goose outlet , which had taken him in the past 15 years from head coach at UTEP to a series of international teams around Asia and the Middle East, his paycheck growing smaller with each passing year. canada goose black friday sale

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NFL home sun was just coming up in his final minutes, bringing his neighborhood out of darkness. His building sat at the intersection of two dead end streets, not quite rural but not quite urban, surrounded by abandoned, half finished buildings and fields of camphorweed and Madras thorn trees. In the flat glow of morning light, six condo staff members had struggled to carry him to the cab, his eyes open, his breathing shallow. He weighed more than 300 pounds, nearly twice what he weighed at UTEP. All six building employees recognized him as the 49 year old coach of the Saigon Heat who lived on the 13th floor. A young Vietnamese woman performed mouth to mouth and screamed again and again for him to wake up. Her wails stayed with them long after the taxi sped away.

canada goose clearance Nobody could really say how he died, or why, not in the first hours and not in the months that would follow. In America and in Ho Chi Minh City, still called Saigon by locals, people could only guess. Family members initially told some people he’d had a heart attack. On the advice of the team, they requested no autopsy be performed. The insurance policy paid off only in the event of an accidental death. The Vietnamese media described an «accident» at home. One of his former players suspected murder, and the deep cut on his left forearm is what ER doctors call a nightstick injury, almost always a defensive wound. Friends wondered about alcohol, even drugs. It was a mystery. The death certificate, written in Vietnamese, listed the cause of death as a traumatic brain injury. canada goose clearance

canada goose SAIGON CAN BE a dangerous place, not only because of what someone might do to you there but because of what you are allowed to do to yourself. People and their intentions come whole and leave broken. Every vice is for sale: cheap beer, snake liquor and easily scored hard drugs; private clubs where women canada goose coats are for rent hide above parking garages, and streetwalkers stand alone in the neon rot of crumbling doorways. There are still opium dens, like something from a 19th century travel novel. Shame and regret grow faster than the mold creeping in wide tongues up the narrow slum alley houses. This is where the universe, with its vicious sense of humor, summoned Jason Rabedeaux in late 2011. It was the only coaching job in the world he could get. «A lot of doors were closing on him,» said his agent, Keith Kreiter actually his former agent because Jason went radio silent on him. canada goose

buy canada goose jacket Rabedeaux was a refugee and a runaway in a city founded and sustained by them. Throughout the long history of this part of the world, people would come south toward the Mekong Delta when they had nowhere else to go. Saigon was founded by exiles. The wild, beating heart of the city was out in the swamps, a place called Rung Sat named «The Jungle of Assassins» by the French where the hustlers and smugglers, pirates, gangsters and revolutionaries hid and plotted. The brothels and opium dens in Old Saigon were run and supplied from Rung Sat, and the leader of the river pirates a man later forced by the CIA into exile in Paris, where he’d walk down the Champs Elys with a tiger on a leash ran the city as a kingdom.1994 99: University of Oklahoma (Assistant)2008 10: Jiangsu Nangang Dragons Nanjing (Head coach) buy canada goose jacket

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Canada Goose Jackets It doesn’t matter whether you believe in ghosts; the Vietnamese do, deeply, the incense burning on altars around the country lit as a peace offering to the dead. When the living don’t have incense, they light and leave upturned cigarettes. The dead inhabit the things they touched and the places they died. The city’s skin and bones canada goose might be long, wide avenues Canada Goose Parka and airy cafes serving Ricard and water at sunset, but its blood and guts are the mangrove swamps of Rung Sat. The two worlds the modern city of international banks, expense account drinkers and ironic boomtown cafes and the hot, green surrounding jungle are often ports of last resort. Foreigners eye other foreigners with a mix of curiosity and suspicion. «I always wonder when I meet people,» says Harry Hodge, a reporter who covers the team, «‘Why are you here?'» Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats Although many who come to live in Saigon are running away from who they used to be, Jason Rabedeaux was doing the opposite. He wanted his old life back, the life he’d utterly destroyed. In 1999, a young man, just 34, he’d been hired as the head coach at UTEP, replacing the legendary Don Haskins. By 2001, he was named Western Athletic Conference coach of the year. «He had the world by the balls,» says his former assistant and best friend, Bobby Champagne https://www.canadagoosestorevip.com , now buy canada goose jacket cheap head coach at North Alabama. «He had a house up on the hill and two country club memberships. A wife and two kids and another on the way.» canada goose coats

cheap canada goose uk Then he started losing. He began drinking heavily, to manage the stress, and started to take advantage of his celebrity. Champagne knew something was wrong when Rabedeaux missed a flight to visit a recruit; he got drunk at a bar near the airport instead. He lied to his assistants and his wife, Stephanie, not answering his phone. Stephanie went to a football game with recruits, and Rabedeaux didn’t show; most everyone soon found out he was having an affair. At the end, when Stephanie packed up and took the kids, she and the mistress were both three months canada goose black friday sale pregnant. He’d thrown everything away, and in the darkness of a collapsing life, he knew it. Soon after, a local woman called into a live radio show and confronted him on his philandering. Five days later, he resigned. The school took away his big salary and his country clubs and his courtesy car. Champagne saw Rabedeaux riding around El Paso on a bicycle. He lost the big house, and he lost his wife, his two sons and the unborn daughter who would never live under a roof with her dad. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose store Guilt and loneliness defined the coming years. After drinking himself out of an assistant coach job at canadian goose jacket Marquette, he landed in China, then Japan, then Bahrain, sometimes drunk, sometimes sober. He talked about his children constantly, even if he didn’t see them canada goose clearance sale much: Canada Goose Outlet maybe canada goose deals he sacrificed a life with them to preserve himself in their imaginations, wanting them to remember him for the man he used to be, not the one he was becoming. Basketball threw canada goose coats on sale everything at him a canada goose clearance civil war in Bahrain prompting several members of his team to join the army, a brawl getting him suspended from a Chinese semipro league for canada goose store a year and in late 2011, when nobody else wanted him, he found out about an opening for an assistant coach in Saigon. canada goose store

«Capable rejects,» Saigon Heat owner and general manager Connor Nguyen says, including himself, a man who came to Asia to try again. «We’re trying to build something on rejects.»

canadian goose jacket Nguyen interviewed Rabedeaux, an extremely capable reject, overqualified to be an assistant coach in the upstart ASEAN Basketball League, a man with an undeniable basketball genius and his own haunted past. Rabedeaux got the job. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Once Rabedeaux left Oklahoma, nothing would ever be the same for Canada Goose sale him. Lisa Hall/OU Athletics Communications Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose factory sale THE TRIBE GATHERED to say goodbye at the Congregational United Church of Christ in Eau Claire, less than two weeks after Rab died. Old coaches and players walked from rental cars toward the tall stone tower. Tom Crean came from Indiana, sharing his private jet with an NBA scout and an assistant who knew Rab. The funeral was during an open contact period, so most of Rabedeaux’s old running buddies were out recruiting. «I thought there’d be more coaches,» Bobby Champagne would say. He sat in a pew with former boss Kelvin Sampson canada goose factory sale.

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